COVID-19 Update – April 27, 2020

We have been working with the distancing and cleaning protocols for over a month and have these well incorporated into our procedures. We also continue to offer safe vehicle pick up and drop off along with phone and email repair authorizations and pick up sign offs.

While we are very aware of these protocols and precautions, we also know that your cars are with us for damage repair. The precautions around COVID-19 may be less impactful in the coming weeks and months, but the results of our repair work will be with you and your car for what could be years to come.

Our suppliers have adjusted their daily operations around the important safety protocols, and we understand how to work with these changes.  The primary concern for us had been parts availability and overall the supply lines have remained open.

Our equipment and training allow us to get the work done with much less reliance on sublet work than other collision facilities.  Your car stays in our shop and under our control through the repair process.

At Tsawwassen Collision we have not stopped paying attention to the core work that we do. We take pride in being very progressive and up to date in our repair knowledge and practices and we have not let that slip.


The Tsawwassen Collision Team

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