Glass Repair Valet Service

Valet Service

Customer service is important to us and if we can make the repair or replacement process easier with a ride home or by picking up a car, we will do it without hesitation and, as such, are happy to offer valet service when you need it.

Our opening and closing hours are flexible and we can often wait for someone who will be not be getting back to Tsawwassen until close to or even after 6:00pm. We can take in cars as early as 7:30am to allow the car owner to get on the road as early as possible.


Mobile Installation – Why We Don’t Offer This

At Tsawwassen Collision we have considered the variables in each windshield installation and have made the decision to not offer mobile service for various reasons.

First, the bonding surfaces have to be very clean and need to be at a good working temperature for good setting of the material. We have much better control over this if the car is on our shop.

We can and do plan carefully, but things can go wrong. If it a simple issue that can be resolved with a short wait for a minor part or the assistance of another technician, this is easily manageable in the shop. The mobile tech out on his own will need to be very disciplined to take the time to drive back to the shop for that minor part and he will not have another tech on hand to assist. The temptation to ‘make it work’ will be very high. If a problem comes up after the old windshield has been removed, it creates a significant inconvenience for the car owner. Often we can resolve problems with a new part, which we can get in hours and still get the car out the same day.  If the car is protected in our shop while we are waiting, the situation is much less complex, and requires much less of the customer’s involvement than if the car is immobilized in your driveway or worse still at your work place parking lot.

Finally there is drive away time. The structural aspects of the windshield include its very important role in the function of the passenger side airbag. This airbag deploys against the windshield and comes back toward the passenger. If the windshield does not hold, the airbag cannot perform as designed. The mobile tech will not wait for 60 to 90 minutes after finishing to make sure you don’t drive the car and now the temptation is on you. If we have it in the shop, we have much better control over this important wait time.

With this and many other safety considerations, we recognize that there are many things that could happen, but very likely won’t. We pay a lot of attention to the ‘could happen’ and we will take the extra time and care for you to be safe if it does.

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