Private Pay Repair

Tsawwassen vehicles on CarOLiner repair racksInsurance Claim or Private Pay Repair?

There is a wide range of reasons why a person will consider a private pay repair over an insurance claim, with the most common being a desire to keep future insurance rates low.

The cost of the repair is important information in your decision on whether to use insurance or pay for it yourself.

We will give you that information and let you make your decision. You can call the insurance company with the cost of repair and ask what the effect will be on your policy rates in the future. The insurance company does not penalize you for having the accident; it is only if they pay for it that it has any potential impact on your rates.


Assess car damage and repair needsPrivate Pay Repair Damage Assessment

In assessing how to do a repair a reputable shop will listen to the owner, take a careful look at the car and suggest a repair that makes sense in that situation to that owner and car. We understand safety requirements and will start with the repairs that are mandatory for continued safe operation of the vehicle. With safety covered there is room for discussion of the best way to manage cosmetic and appearance repairs.

The damage assessment and cost are presented directly to the owner, with as much detail as needed to allow an informed decision to be made.

We fix cars all day every day and the insurance companies pay for these repairs all day every day. Efficient communication between us and insurance companies is often electronic shorthand based on this shared knowledge of procedures. A private customer does not have this background and we take more care to be certain that everything is clear and there will be no surprises during and at the end of the repair.

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