Reporting A Glass Claim

Reporting Windshield & Other Glass Insurance Claims

Technician assessing a glass claim repair.ICBC

As an ICBC Accredited Glass Shop, Tsawwassen Collision can start ICBC glass claims on line and you can come directly to us without calling ICBC.

On the 10 minute first visit, with no appointment required we will determine the parts needed and schedule the second visit to do the work. We will need the car for 4 to 6 hours at that time.

Private Insurance Companies

If your comprehensive coverage is with another company it takes only one call for a claim number. This can be done before you stop in at Tsawwassen Collision or from our office while we determine the parts needed and schedule the repair.

If you are insured by CDI they may suggest that you take the car to Speedy Autoglass.  This is based on cost savings for CDI and has nothing to do with quality or service. If you prefer to get the work done in Tsawwassen you can bring it to us without any concern. We deal with CDI on a regular basis and provide excellent service to them and to you as their customer. You pay only the deductible and we bill everything else to CDI.

With ICBC and the private insurance carriers, claim approval is very quick and with our suppliers delivering three times a day we can schedule replacement for the next day in almost all cases and sometimes even the same day.


Other Damage with a Glass Claim

If there is body damage associated with the damaged glass, the insurance company may categorize this as a non-glass claim. At Tsawwassen Collision this is not a problem as we are able to process and repair all types of claims.

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