Text Your Vehicle Damage Photos

You didn’t need the stress of a car accident vehicle damage and you don’t need the added stress of the steps involved in getting to the repair.

To make the lives of our customers easier and reduce the time needed to get these repairs done we are able to start the process from a simple set of photos you can send by Text directly from your phone.

No app to download, no forms to fill in, just a few simple steps.

Use your phone’s camera to capture the following images:

  • 2-3 pics of the damaged area from different angles
  • one picture of the back of the car showing the model
  • one picture of the VIN plate (most often on the driver’s door pillar)

Set up a text to 604 943 6383 including your name and whatever other information you would like, attach the photos and Send.

We will review the photos and get back to you with questions or advice that are relevant to your car and the specific damage. In many cases the photos will be enough for us to work with you on scheduling without having to see the vehicle. 

Need some help? Click on the links below for a guide on how to send photos:

Apple Phones

Android Phones

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