Aluminum Repairs – Three Important Factors


To quote an aluminum engineer from a few years ago ‘Aluminum repair compared to steel repair is not difficult, it is different.

Both metals require well trained technicians and with this training aluminum is not a difficult material to work with. At Tsawwassen Collision we have technicians trained in aluminum repair including I-CAR Aluminum Welding Certification.


Aluminum repair equipment is in most cases similar to the equipment used in steel repairs, but a mandatory part of correct repair procedures is that all tools used for one metal have to be kept away from the other to avoid contamination. This means that a full complement of aluminum specific tools is needed. At Tsawwassen Collision we have made the investment and are fully equipped.

A Clean Work Area

Aluminum repair cannot be done in a repair area where steel repairs are being done, again to prevent cross contamination. We have a dedicated space for aluminum repair and do these repairs in isolation from steel repairs.

While Ford trucks may be the best known aluminum body vehicle there is aluminum in many other cars from a Honda Fit to a Jaguar XF. At Tsawwassen Collision our training and equipment allows us to perform the correct aluminum repairs on all vehicles.

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