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Ready for its Next accident

We have built our business around the importance of safe repairs The challenges and barriers to safe repairs are discussed in short articles at our related Ready for Its Next Accident site www.rfina.ca.

I-CAR Gold Class Training

In December of 2016 Tsawwassen Collision was the 9th repair facility in BC to achieve I-CAR Gold Class status and has maintained this level every year since, with our current status being Gold Class – Aluminum.

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The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) was started in the mid-70s in America as a non- profit organization with membership from all areas of the collision repair industry. The primary objective of the program is the providing of training and technical resources for technicians and others working in collision repair. Today I-CAR licenses its programs in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

For many years training in BC was dominated by the requirements of ICBC and I-CAR had a very limited presence here. In 2015 management at ICBC realized that training of the industry should not be a core part of their business and they moved away from their training role. With this change the I-CAR program became the only trackable and verifiable overall training standard for shops in BC.

While it was important it was not mandatory and in mid-2016, of the more than 450 ICBC accredited shops in BC, Tsawwassen Collision was one of only 23 that had become involved in the I-CAR program. In October 2016, the first of these shops achieved Gold Class level and in December 2016 Tsawwassen Collision was the 9th. We have maintained this level every year since and added Gold Class Aluminum in 2019.

The Post Repair Customer Report – Exclusive to Tsawwassen Collision

The Post Repair Customer Report is an exclusive offering from Tsawwassen Collision. We communicate with insurance companies in an electronic back and forth loaded with industry jargon and shorthand. The final document we send to the insurance adjuster on completion is in this same jargon laden shorthand and is not very useful to the vehicle owner with no industry background.

But people were understandably interested in what had been done to their car and would often ask for a copy. We can freely provide the actual final document but we also saw a need for a version written without the jargon. This report was developed at Tsawwassen Collison in 2019 and 2020 to provide you with a clear, easy-to-understand breakdown of the work done on your vehicle. What was repaired, what was replaced, what was painted and what was calibrated, all without industry jargon, indecipherable acronyms, or cryptic codes.

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