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Private Pay Repairs

Insurance adjusters review damage and authorize repairs on a daily basis, we review that same damage and repair cars on the same daily basis. The communication between ourselves and the insurance companies is often electronic only and because both sides have extensive experience it becomes a form of understood shorthand.

As a private pay customer you do not have the same level of experience and we cannot communicate with you in industry shorthand. You will want, and deserve, complete and careful explanations of the damage and the repair options. An increase in cost due to a broken part that could not be seen before disassembly is part of the process between ourselves and the insurance company. It will be a lot more difficult for a private pay customer to understand if the possibility is not carefully laid out and explained before the work starts.

We understand private pay work and that cost can be a factor and we also understand your car and post repair safety. We will explain carefully what is needed and we will not compromise safety.

There is room for discussion and cost reduction in areas that don’t affect safety and we will discuss these with you and offer suggestions. A cracked grill that can be securely re-installed and save hundreds of dollars, is an example. A more subtle example in a late model car is the cruise control. The car will be safe if the cruise control does not work, but if the forward facing radar also controls auto braking, it has to function properly.

Auto Body Damage and Your Insurance Claim

As part of the ICBC Collision Repair Program we have direct on-line access to the ICBC claim system.  In almost all cases after the first call for a claim number you can come directly to our shop with no need to visit a claim centre.

We have excellent working relationships with all other insurance companies, including US companies for our Point Roberts clients, and provide the same level of service and repair quality as we do to our ICBC insured customers.

auto body and collision repair Vancouver

Complexity in Every Repair

The complexity of even the most basic cars being sold now is light years removed from where it was even 5 years ago.  The two biggest changes; of high strength, low weight metals and precise electronic based safety systems are largely invisible to the vehicle owner. Tsawwassen Collision has made a committed effort to be at the forefront of the changes needed to do the correct repairs on these new vehicles. The accreditations we have received validate these efforts. 

auto body and collision repair Vancouver

Damage Assessment and Diagnosis

Accurate collision repairs start with the right damage assessment and diagnosis.

Information is provided by the manufacturers and other reputable sources on the materials and systems in each vehicle and also on the correct repair procedures when working with these new structural materials and vehicle systems. At Tsawwassen Collision we take the use of this information very seriously. The first steps to an accurate and safe repair are an accurate assessment of the damage and complete understanding of the vehicle specific repair procedures required.

The Right Repair

After the repair the car looks and drives exactly as it did before the accident. This is what you see and is important to you and to us. But what you don’t see is even more important; to you and to us. The structural repairs and system verifications that are invisible to you are of critical importance to the safety of the vehicle. These repairs cannot be done without training, equipment and adherence to the specific repair requirements of each vehicle. The damage report and assessment that we start with is used to develop a plan that the repair technicians will then use to ensure that the car we deliver to you is truly safe.

Automotive Paint

Automotive paints are not bought as ready mixed colours but are mixed at the repair shop from toners based on a formula.

For any given paint code, there can often be as many as 8 or 10 variant choices especially if the same colour has been used by the vehicle manufacturer for several years. The paint manufacturers work hard to research these variants and supply codes but even with this, a good result requires strong technical skill and experience, along with top level equipment.

auto body and collision repair Vancouver

Auto Body or Collision Repair

There are many things other than a collision that can damage a car exterior. Tree branches in windstorms, rocks on a highway, errant sports activity, things falling on the car in your garage and the unfortunate situation of break-ins and vandalism are examples. Rust is really not a factor in cars made in the last 15 years, but paint damage can occur from environmental issues or accidental contact. The repair procedures and equipment used in these repairs are very similar to those used in collision repair.

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