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Do you work with other insurance companies?

We work well with all insurance companies. Their rate and terms are very similar to ICBC and we work to these with no challenges. We provide the same full warranties on all our work.

Do you provide loaner cars or pickup service?

We do. We have 12 of our own cars and also work with Enterprise rentals when needed. In most cases these cars are provided at no cost but your insurance coverage does play a role. Under current Covid conditions we cannot offer rides home or customer pickup, but we do have protocols that allow us to pick up or deliver your vehicle.

What if you find additional damage during the repair process?

If it is an insurance claim and the damage is consistent with the impact or claim we work with the insurance company under well understood guidelines and the additional damage is covered. If it is a private repair we will make every effort to anticipate ahead of time what is needed, but hidden damage can add to the cost of the claim. We will explain the potential for additional damage carefully before you commit to the repair.

What are the first steps to providing an accurate and safe repair?

The first step is background research on the specific vehicle we will be repairing. With the complexity of the structure and of the electronics on today’s vehicles we cannot write a repair plan or start a repair without knowing the very specific details of that individual car.

How do I know if my vehicle has been safely repaired and is ready for its next accident?

Unfortunately there is no easy way for you to know this. An incorrect repair will in many cases look exactly the same on the surface as a proper repair. You have to go with your initial impressions of the repair facility and ask a few questions ahead of time.

How are aluminum repairs different from steel repairs?

Different is the correct word. Aluminum repairs are not more difficult than steel but the techniques used are different. See our Certified Aluminum Repairs page for more details.

In Canada are there government standards for collision repair?

It comes as a surprise to most people that there are no standards or licensing enforced at the federal level. There is a limited amount of regulation in some provinces but in BC there is none.

How has the complexity of even the most basic car changed in the past 5 years?

In a word, enormously. What was seen in $100,000 cars five years ago is now common in $25,000 mass market cars. Repair methods from 10 years ago, and many from even 5 years ago are hopelessly outdated now.

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