Mechanical and Electrical

Collision Related Mechanical & Electrical Repair

With the complexity of modern vehicles most auto collisions require mechanical and electrical repairs as part of the complete repair. As an industry leader in recognizing the complexity of these mechanical and electrical repairs Tsawwassen Collision employs a licensed mechanic as a key member of the repair group.

This licensed mechanic is teamed up with a specialized repair tech in a dedicated space away from the metal work and finishing area. This team is able to perform all services including component replacement, suspension repairs, air conditioning, tire and wheel work and wheel alignment. 10 years ago, a headlight was a headlight, you could take out the broken one and install a new one without a thought. This allows us to maintain control of the entire repair process with very minimal sublet involved. Efficiency and security are added to the process as the vehicle does not have to leave our facility while our ability to track and verify the standard of the work is enhanced.  Very few other collision repair facilities can offer such a wide range of in-house services.

Electronic Repairs and Calibrations

It is unrealistic to expect the well trained and experienced structural technician to also diagnose and then correct electronic systems issues. It is also inefficient to leave these issues until the end of the repair and then send the car to the dealer or a sublet mechanical shop to diagnose and resolve these as the last step in the process.

Our mechanical team has the up-to-date training and equipment needed for most diagnostics, systems issues and code resets. With some makes there are circumstances where we do have to send the car to the dealer for system resets and corrections, but this process is much more efficient if we have done the initial work and narrowed down the possible problems.

This in house electronic diagnostic capability is first utilized at the disassembly stage. If this diagnosis shows that parts are needed, these can be authorized and ordered as the car moves through other stages of repair. Waiting until repairs are completed and then sending the car out for diagnosis is much less efficient.

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