Do You Make an Insurance Claim or Pay for it Yourself?

Do You Make an Insurance Claim or Pay for it Yourself?

There is a wide range of reasons why a person will consider a private pay repair over an insurance claim, with the most common being a desire to keep future rates low.

If you were driving someone else’s car then the rate increase will go on their policy and not yours and this can be a strong motivation to pay for the damage directly. The first step is to bring the car to us for an assessment of the damage.

We repair cars ethically and safely and it does not make much difference to us who is paying; we will do the right repair in all cases and bill the correct amount to the owner or the insurance company.  The cost of the repair is important information in your decision on whether to use insurance or pay for it yourself.

We will give you that information and let you make your decision. You can call the insurance company with the cost of repair and ask what the effect will be on your policy rates in the future. The insurance company does not penalize you for having the accident; it is only if they pay for it that it has any potential impact on your rates.

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