Collision Repair Mechanic

ICBC Repair Network – Top Performer

Tsawwassen Collision is proud to be a Top Performer in both the ICBC Collision Repair Network and ICBC Autoglass Network in the Richmond /Delta region.

In 2018 ICBC started planning a new accreditation programs with more rigorous equipment and training requirements for both Collision Repair and Autoglass. These programs, the ICBC Collision Repair Network and the ICBC Autoglass Network, was implemented in early 2020.

 In May 2021 after a period of assessment and monitoring ICBC announced the first year ranking of facilities in both Networks. The top 25% in each region qualified as Tier 1 Top Performers.  Tsawwassen Collision achieved this Top Performer category in both Collison Repair and Autoglass.

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