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Operation Red Nose 2015!

Operation Red Nose has been in Canada since 2001 and was brought to BC by the Delta Gymnastics Society in 2002 as a community service and fundraiser.  Volunteer drivers work in teams to get you and your car safely home from holiday events. You can call from a restaurant, bar, or friend’s home and a team will arrive to drive you home in your own car. The service can be also be organized ahead of time for a company party.

Tsawwassen Collision has been a sponsor of Operation Red Nose for 12 years.  We would not be in business without accidents and collisions but safety is as important to us as to anyone else.  There are enough incidents in everyday driving to keep us in business and we don’t need to see you because of a bad decision to drive after drinking.  We would much prefer that you get home safely.

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