Small Town Shop Offers Big Time Service – Delta Optimist

In a recent article, the Delta Optimist sat down with owner Peter Sziklai to discuss Tsawwassen Collision celebrating a quarter-century in Century Square.

As quoted from the article:

What started as a 6,000-square-foot operation in 1995 has since doubled in size and now employs 18, but it’s the way the shop conducts business that makes Sziklai proud and has earned him a national reputation.

A veteran of the industry for almost 35 years, Sziklai says vehicles have become far more complex in the last few years. Sziklai says that increased complexity poses challenges for the industry and he’s responded by revamping the roles and responsibilities of his employees.

Sziklai says he continues to invest in equipment, technology and training to ensure Tsawwassen Collision is able to properly fix today’s vehicles, an approach that has earned the shop certifications from a variety of noted organizations throughout North American, some of which only a select few operations have achieved.

At the end of the day, Sziklai says it’s been a commitment to doing it right, and treating customers fairly, that has served Tsawwassen Collision well over the past quarter-century.

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