High tech inside inexpensive cars you drive today

High tech inside inexpensive cars you drive today

There is a lot of discussion of the systems used in luxury cars but many of these systems can now be found on inexpensive cars and these cars now also require a high level of expertise and equipment. At Tsawwassen Collision we recognize this and have been investing actively in both to be able to offer the service that you need, even when you may not know you need it.

5 years ago if a warning light was not on, it was safe to assume that everything was good after a repair, but that is no longer the case.

This week we took delivery of three 2015 Nissan Versas to use as service cars. We have been using Versas for five years and have had good feedback from our customers. The base requirements are four doors, automatic, air conditioning and power windows, mirrors and locks. These features are not available on the base models but we only have to go one level up to get everything needed.

No one would consider this mid spec Versa to be anything other than an inexpensive basic car, which is exactly what it is. But in 2015 cars at this level have display screens with back up cameras and Bluetooth connectivity for your phone and apps. If these features are there it is easy to understand that there will be a whole range of electronic features and systems that are quite invisible to the driver but that have to work properly for the car to perform as designed in all aspects including safety.

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