Gold Plus Certified Collision Repairer

In March of 2017 Tsawwassen Collision became the third collision shop, out of more than 700 in BC, to achieve ARA Certified Collision Repairer designation. Few shops have reached this status. The level of commitment needed to achieve and maintain for this is high. Cars are far different now than they were even 5 years ago   and an honest shop cannot pretend that training and equipment from 20 years ago is good enough.

The BC Automotive Retailers Association, in cooperation with the national Automotive Industries Association has introduced a new certification program. This Certified Collision Repairer designation is based on equipment as well as training and in March of 2017 Tsawwassen Collision was the third shop  out of more than 700 in BC to achieve this certification. The Gold Plus level of our accreditation indicates that we are qualified for aluminum repairs.

We value the relationship we have with the community and believe that we have a responsibility to provide repairs of a consistently high standard. This certification is a part of that commitment.

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