Windshield Replacement and ADAS Calibration at Tsawwassen Collision

Many people read this CBC article last week.  

At Tsawwassen Collision we started to include calibration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in 2016.  We’ve worked hard to educate our customers and insurance providers about the complexities involved in an auto repair.  We do our own research in each vehicle and ensure that the calibration requirements are met.

The vehicle owner at the centre of the CBC story said that he had been told ‘to get the dealer to look at it’. Hopefully this is not what he was told, as it is the needed final step in the safe and correct replacement of the windshield. Something the owner will also want to know is that the cost of calibration will be $180 to $400 and he would need to coordinate this with his insurance company.

With calibration equipment and training being very vehicle specific it would not be financially feasible for most independent facilities to do this work in house. As a result currently almost all calibrations are done at dealerships.

At Tsawwasen Collision we manage the process to ensure that post repair calibrations are done in all cases and that the owner is fully aware of the needed calibrations.

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