Non-regulated BC Collision Repair Trade under Training

Most people do not know that collision repair is not recognized as a regulated trade in BC. Anyone can repair cars without any requirement for training or licensing.

For many years ICBC was involved in training and provided some level of enforcement by requiring that accredited facilities had qualified technicians. In the last five years however ICBC has been pulling back from involvement in training and a noticeable vacuum had developed.

I-CAR Canada is the national affiliate of I-CAR, which is the premier training organization for the collision repair industry in North America. To fill the void in BC training, I-CAR has made a significant commitment in re-introducing their comprehensive training and certification program.

At Tsawwassen Collision we are firm in our belief that today’s cars cannot be repaired properly without continuous training. We have fully committed to the I-CAR program and look forward to the benefits that we and our customers will gain from the structured I-CAR program.

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