Honda and Acura Repair ProFirst Certification

Car & Repair Technology Continues to Change Very Rapidly

Three weeks ago I was at the CCIF collision repair industry forum in Toronto. Between manufacturers, progressive repairs and insurance companies the conversation was completely dominated by technology and how it will be addressed. The good news is that it will be addressed and no one with a commitment to the future is sticking their heads in the sand.

Honda Canada had a cutaway example of this 2016 Civic at the forum and the number of different materials used in the construction is visually striking, even more so when it is remembered that this is a car at the upper end of the low price range. It is not just high end European cars any more

This article from Repairer Driven News gives an insider’s view of this new car.

With designation from Honda Canada as a ProFirst Repair Facility for both Honda and Acura Tsawwassen  Collision is at the forefront of repair facilities equipped and ready to perform safe, complete and correct repairs.

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